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Fun stuff!

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- Raising Agatha has appeared in the Lift-off Film Festival (NY).

- WINNER: Silver award in the Independent Shorts Film Festival (LA)

- Dissonance has appeared in the Los Angles Independent Film Awards, Oniros Film Awards, Festival De Cannes, LAIFFA, and Festigious International Film Festival. It will be making its way through select theaters in Los Angeles, New York, London, Brazil, India and Italy.

- WINNER: Best director in the Onrios Film Awards.

- WINNER: Best indie filmmaker in the Festigious International Film Festival.

- WINNER: Best picture, best original music score, and best director in LAIFFA.

- WINNER: Best experimental film in the Los Angeles Film Awards.


Weight Of the Whale on Her Shoulders was featured in the:

- Tribeca Film Festival

- Reel Expression Teen Film Festival

[Re]Defined has been featured in: 

- International Family Film Festival 

- Urbanworld Film Festival

- Depth of Field Film Festival

- Pan African Film Festival

- SAG-AFTRA Foundation

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